About inspiring.ie

What is inspiring.ie

The creation of inspiring.ie is a new approach for a new era of business in all parts of Ireland. It is all about encouraging, empowering and investing in the existing and new businesses of women in our villages, towns and suburbs of every city and county across the country. Our remit includes the promotion of every part of the country for the benefit of the businesses of the area that are operated by women and the people of the area as well as encouraging a self investment model for the area so as to bring vibrancy to each community. inspiring.ie is a new voice for the Women in Business community in all parts of Ireland which consists of 110,000 Women who run their own businesses and 1.2m Women who work in management. inspiring.ie will have a focus on every village, town and suburb and wants to ensure that each of these areas has an inspiring branch that is hosted by an inspiring business woman with its own strategy that is going to be beneficial for the area. We believe that there is an opportunity for up to 100 inspiring branches to be established across the Island of Ireland.