Mary-Jane O’ Regan is a well known columnist and digtal marketing professional. Her own inspiring story comes from turning her passion into her career when she took her rapture for marketing and business and joined No.1 Media initially as an Associate Editor and progressing to Deputy CEO. She is unwavering about getting women to put their best foot forward in life and business.

Message From The CEO

As the Chief Executive of I am looking forward to working with the members whose entrepreneurial spirit as Women in Business is for me the backbone of the local and national economy. Whether you are a stay at home mum or in business or most likely you may even be combining both, wants to work with you, support you, promote you and above all encourage you in the field of entrepreneurship that you have chosen. I have worked with amazing business people over the years and have seen what it is like to make a business work and I relish the opportunity to assist anyone that I can whose business is a key part of their life.

The model is different in that it firstly seeks to start with your area, be it a village, town or suburb in any part of the country and it seeks to promote it. Secondly and as importantly it seeks to bring the Women in Business in that area together for promotion under their local brand of inspiring and to tell the inspiring story of that area and those businesses that you own and manage and to ensure that everyone knows about them and supports them. Our model is unique and above all it is highly cost effective and I am sure I can say without fear of contradiction that there is no other promotional model in Ireland that compares with it for uniqueness, value and effectiveness.

I am really looking forward to working with each of you and each of the villages, towns and suburbs across the country that you are based in and assisting you to develop the model in your area. Our model is your model and our model is all about you and your business. With the male and female input from Michael and myself and our team here, I have no doubt that we can get results for you, your area and your business.

Mary Jane

Mary Jane O’ Regan