The Founder

The Founder of is Michael Mulcahy who is well known in business circles in Cork and Ireland for over 30 years and who has promoted Cork and Ireland locally and globally in that time in his roles as Founder of Diplomat magazine that is promoting Ireland in 200 countries globally to his role as Founder of RSVP magazine and Hi magazine as well as a range of business and social magazine for counties across Ireland that are currently being developed and that will be beneficial to the brand.

Message From The Founder

As the Founder of which is a dedicated Women in Business model, I have often thought over the past 30 years that being a male in business in Ireland has shown me clearly the lack of supports that we have for Women in Business. In those 30 years I have been involved in promoting a culture for Women in Business in a variety of ways and have seen the unique position that women have to offer the business model of Ireland. This has never been fostered adequately in my opinion and the male dominated business ethos of our country has in many ways contributed to this unacceptable position. I want to change all that and I believe that my unique perspective in seeing the possibilities for change is in creating as the model that will encourage and invest in the communities all over Ireland where Women in Business have so much to offer to the future of these communities, their local economies and in turn the national economy of Ireland.

For over 30 years, I have held the view that our villages, towns and suburbs in every part of Ireland need a locally focused organisation that was focused on the small and medium enterprises of their area and that would look at developing a culture of encouraging investment in these communities. The opportunity for Women in Business, who are known for their inspiring and creative ways of doing things and making things happen are in my opinion the very future of what our villages, towns and suburbs need in creating more businesses and more opportunities and in ways that are good for everyone. The ethos of is to ensure that every one of our villages, towns and suburbs in Cork is progressed in a way that is good and beneficial for the area. It is about reigniting the flame of optimism and entrepreneurship in every community and it is about every community rallying to the call to inject new life into their area. This means that every village, town and suburb has the potential to revitalise itself and to grow and in so doing, the communities will reimagine their unique offering so that they continue to remain relevant into the future. The inspiring Women in Business of these communities and in particular those who have yet to go into business are the very future of their communities and wants to support them.

I look forward to working with each of the villages, towns and suburbs across the country and assisting them to develop the model. We will ensure that the future model for all of Ireland is relevant and beneficial for every one of the citizens that live in the community and the many more that are likely to join the community in the time ahead. With Women in Business in leadership roles in their communities, the future is very bright for Ireland and we must ensure that every part of our beautiful country benefits from this progression.


Michael Mulcahy