Tesco Ireland have a very special surprise for International Women's Day today

Tesco Ireland have a very special surprise for International Women’s Day today

The retail juggernaut has partnered with the Women’s Museum of Ireland to shine a light on inspirational women of Ireland in celebration of International Women’s Day, with a special installation across its stores today. Tesco Ireland aims to showcase Ireland’s historic female figures and their pioneering contributions to society, by providing a platform for those…


50 Reminders for Life by Caroline Crotty

(in no particular order) Count your blessings. Develop gratitude and appreciation for what you have. Learn to say no and to ask for what you want. Say yes without expectation. Happiness doesn’t come from ‘stuff’. Live life according to your expectations and not the expectations of others. Listen more. Talk less (especially when someone speaks to you). Smile and…



Graham Norton’s Own Irish Gin celebrates Graham’s West Cork Heritage, the beauty and flavours of his idyllic native county and his award-winning flair for blending perfection Arguably Ireland’s favourite West Cork native, Graham Norton has joined forces with Irelands leading independent wine and spirit company Barry & Fitzwilliam to launch his very own gin, Graham Norton’s…